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Rigging Inspection

Inspection and Examination of Lifting Equipment and accessories is available from trained technicians at Enlightened. The technicians have been certificated by Certex who are an accredited training company for LEEA (Lifting Equipment Engineers Association).
We can perform 6 and 12 monthly inspections on:

  • Manual Chain Blocks, Lever Hoists,
  • Hooks, Beam Clamps & Trolleys,
  • Wire Rope / Flat Webbing / Round & Chain Slings,
  • Lifting Equipment Accessories; Shackles, Jacks, Plate Clamps, Lifting and Pulling Machines.

Enlightened Lighting is now fully trained in the service and repair of many items from Doughty Engineering including:

  • Couplers & Clamps
  • Winch and Tripod Stands
  • Pulleys
  • Pantographs
  • Curtain Tracks

We specialise in the repair and service of winch stands, specifically the Easy Lift, Strata and Zenith winch stands.

Note to all owners of these stands – they should be inspected & serviced regularly – please get in touch for a quote. A full service includes the full strip down of the stand, inspection of the pulleys, bearings, winch and the replacement of lifting wire and locking pins. We hold in stock a full range of the consumables required in the service and a good selection of other parts that are occasionally required. Fixed price (excluding un-expected parts) servicing is available.