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72way Powerlock Hot Racks added to hire

Enlightened has recently expanded its stock of power distribution with a number of units ranging in size up to a pair of 72 way Powerlock Hot Power Racks.

The base units have full on board power monitoring, Powerlock in and through with  4x 32amp 3phase outlets. Allowing for over 125amps 3 phase to be distributed into a number of configurations.

Modules to go with these main distros include distribution to 3x 6 channel socapex or 6x 16amp outlets. While the 6x 16amps are protected with 16amp MCB's, 2 per phase with a 30mA RCD per phase, the socapex versions are configured to have one socapex outlet per phase, each with a 30mA RCD and 3x 10amp breakers.

If you want a little bit of dimming to go with this too, we now also have 6channel Strand 6 Pack dimmers tailed to 32amp 3phase.

Adapters / fly leads also available to connect these racks directly to 125amp 3phase systems.

Technical Specification:

Hot Power Rack

  • Powerlock in and Thru
  • Full Power Metering
  • 72 ways of output on, 12x 6 channel socapex outlets
  • Protection;
    • 30mA RCD per Socapex
    • 3x 10amp MCB per Socapex - 1 breaker per pair of outputs

16amp Distro

  • 32amp trailing input
  • 6x 16amp outlets
  • Protection;
    • 6x 16amp MCB
    • 3x 30mA RCD (one per phase)

Socapex Module

  • 32amp trailing input
  • 3x 6channel Socapex outlets
  • Protection;
    • 3x 10amp MCB
    • 3x 30mA RCD (one per phase)

Powerlock Distro

  • Powerlock in & thru
  • 4x 32amp 3phase outlets
  • Protection;
    • 4x 32amp 3phase MCB