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Resources Section

At Enlightened we like to help. If we can help you to help yourself then that is great too.

Below are links to a number of pages that hopefully may be of help.

Enlightened Colour Code for cable lengths

Projector Beam Angle Calculator

Use this work calculate the projector lens you need; what size projector screen you need or how far away the projector needs to be from the screen

Beam Angle Calculator

Use this calculator to work out how large a pool of light you will create or what size lens you need to get a certain sized image

Power Calculator

For everything generator related. From KVA to Amps! Work out the size of the generator you need here.

IP - Ingress Protection - Explained

Wondering what IP44 means? Why might you prefer IP67? Explaination of the code can be found here.

Dont forget that there are many of the manuals for our equipment are attached to the specific equipment pages in the hire price list section.


Enlightened Lighting Policies and Documents:

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